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Inswing Door Replacement in Northeast WI

What is the Difference Between Inswing and Outswing Doors?

Have you ever noticed or thought about why your doors open the way they do? Most exterior doors are what we call “inswing” doors as opposed to “outswing” doors. Look at the doors in your home—notice that the door opens toward the side of the door that has the hinges. Therefore, an inswing front door has hinges on the inside and the door swings open into your home. An outswing door has hinges on the outside and the door swings open away from your home.

Most Exterior Doors Are Inswing Doors

Inswing exterior doors are generally more common than outswing exterior doors. This is for security, to protect your family and your home. Look at the hinges on your door—there is a pin that runs through each hinge that keeps the door attached to the doorway. To remove the door, you take out the pin in each hinge. But you don’t want anyone else taking off your exterior doors and getting into your home!

Inswing Door Replacement in Kaukauna, WI

Inswing Doors Provide the Most Protection

In addition to the location of the hinges, either on the inside or outside of your home, the direction in which your door swings determine whether you push or pull. For example, if your front door is an inswing door and you are outside coming in, you will push the door into the house to open it. Likewise, if you are inside going out, you will pull the door into the house to open it. But think about what happens when you are inside, and someone else is outside—if you decide to close the door quickly to keep someone else out, it is easier to push the door shut than to pull it shut.

Inswing Doors Have Other Benefits as Well

In addition to security, there are some weather-related reasons to choose inswing exterior doors. Sometimes we don’t just get a little snow—sometimes we get a lot of snow! If that snow gets piled against an outswing door, you might not be able to open your front door. Also, if the winds are strong, the wind can create problems with an outswing door. In both circumstances, you are better off with an inswing door.

Interior Doors May Be Inswing or Outswing

Determining whether to install an inswing or outswing interior door is often based on the amount of room on either side of the door. For example, if a bedroom is big, but the door is in a narrow hallway, you would likely prefer an inswing door that opens into the bedroom. On the other hand, if the bathroom is a small space, it might be easier to have an outswing door that opens into the rest of the house.

Quality Installation of Replacement Exterior and Storm Doors

In addition to windows, Packerland Home Improvement is the expert in replacement doors in Wisconsin. Whether you are looking for an inswing or outswing door, right-handed or left-handed, we’ve got a vast array of exterior and storm doors to choose from. In addition to traditional wood interior and exterior doors, we also install fiberglass and steel exterior doors and aluminum storm doors.

We Also Install Gorgeous Patio Doors

In addition to our exterior and storm doors, we also have a dazzling selection of patio doors, including sliding contemporary doors, sliding French patio doors, and inswing hinged French patio doors. We can install a variety of styles, colors, and hardware choices. We can even replace your old slider with hinged French doors or replace your hinged doors with sliding doors.

Our Installers Are Professionals—The Best in the Business

In addition to carrying the highest quality products, we also have expert installers. Our experienced installers pay attention to the details, and the disruption to your home and family will be as minimal as possible during the installation process. If you ever have a concern, we will make it right!

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