“Our windows look good inside and out!”

July 30, 2018

Stunning Windows Inside and Out

For Charlie and Cheryl Bauer, having work done on their home was becoming a headache. They had struggled to find companies that met their high standards. Charlie and Cheryl built their home in 1975, putting love and pride into every piece used.

When you build a home with your own hands, every decision you make is personal and intentional. For Charlie and Cheryl, they wanted a company who would actually do the work they claimed to be able to do.  They wanted a company who would do the work with great craftsmanship and with respect to their home.  Packerland Home Improvement was able to give the Bauer’s the quality and craftsmanship they desired. 

With recommendations from their son who saw advertisements on TV, and after researching Packerland Home Improvement’s line of products, the Bauer’s knew that Packerland Home Improvement was the way to go and called for a consultation.

“We were already sold on the Andersen product because we had Andersen windows put in when we built the house, but our biggest fear was the installation,” said Cheryl. Sales Consultant, Matt Hartjes, worked with the Bauers to understand the kind of project they were interested in having done and gave them all the details needed to understand the installation process.

“Matt thoroughly explained how the project would be completed and gave a lot of detail on how the installation process worked,” Charlie explained.

Charlie describes himself as a fussy man, especially when it comes to his house. With past experiences working with other home improvement companies, the quality wasn’t what he expected. Having Matt explain the details of the process pushed away the fears that he originally had. Cheryl was also very appreciative to have Matt explain how they should prepare their home for the installation.  Matt advised them to remove photos, decorations and any window treatments to prevent damage.

The project was to have seven casement windows replaced with new, more energy-efficient casement windows. Cheryl was particularly interested in having a handle that could fold into the unit instead of sticking out.  Her old windows had the handle removed to not damage her drapes and prevent injuries for her grandchildren. Charlie was most interested to see how they would put the windows in with how his old windows worked with the siding of his home. His concern was that the installation of the new windows would cause damage to the siding or make a bigger hole than necessary.

To much of the Bauer’s surprise, Jerry Fuller, owner of Packerland Home Improvement, came to do all the final measurements of the windows.

“We were lucky to have the boss, Jerry, there to start the project for us,” said Cheryl. Once Jerry finished the measurements he was able to quote the Bauers an installation project time of two days. The install crew was able to finish the project in just one day! “Ryan certainly knew what he was doing with cutting the windows out and putting the new windows in. The whole crew was very respectful and friendly, and they even helped us move the furniture back,” said Charlie.  The crew was also able to surprise them more by how they were able to work with the brick exterior on the front of their house. Renewal by Andersen uses an oscillating saw that allows for precise and close cuts into the siding of a house, resulting in a snug fit and very little touch ups.

“I didn’t want to do any staining and varnishing at this stage in my life. So, this was just ideal.”

“You can have a finished window put in, with minimal mess and great craftsmanship all the way,” Cheryl explained. The Bauers wanted to have wood interior that was stained to match the old windows. With a saved piece of woodwork that they already had, Packerland Home Improvement was able to custom make a stain color to match their home. Charlie and Cheryl were able to monitor the whole project and ask questions as the crew worked. Once the project was over the crew cleaned up after themselves, vacuuming up insulation and debris, which the Bauers were very grateful for.

“The project went very smoothly and we were very pleased. We plan on having Packerland Home Improvement come back,” said Cheryl. The Bauers explained that they would like to eventually have their bigger windows in the dining and living rooms redone. They wanted to make sure they were happy with the work done on the smaller windows first before completing the other project. Charlie gave Packerland Home Improvement his stamp of approval: “It’s a great project to have done and the guys knew what they were doing.” The couple was also very pleased to know that they would be saving money on their utility bills by having energy efficient windows.

When Charlie and Cheryl built their home 43 years ago, they put all their heart and soul into it.   Respect, honesty and quality were expectations they held for Packerland Home Improvement, and they absolutely got it. “Our windows look good inside and out!”  For the Bauers, it matters, because it’s their home.

Are you in need of window replacement?  If you are, visit our monthly special page to find out how you can save money on your window replacement project!


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