Replacement Windows: A Homeowner’s Guide

April 25, 2016


According to the latest data from the Department of Housing and Urban Development American Housing Survey (AHS), the median age of an owner-occupied home in the United States is 35 years and rising. For many homeowners this means certain home features, including windows and doors, are nearing or at the end of their lifespans. Outdated or inefficient windows and doors can raise heating and cooling costs, decrease indoor air quality, and generally lower the comfort in the home. As you begin to tackle home projects this spring, take a look at your windows. Rotting, warping, or operational issues can indicate it may be time to consider window replacement. With so many options available, how do you choose the best replacement window for your home?

Your Home, Your Style

Remember when you first moved into your home? You were so proud to have a place of your own, a place to make memories and share the good times. It became a meeting place for friends and family and friends that turned into family. From birthday parties to holidays, school nights to weekends, your home has been there through it all. It has made a mark on you and now you’re ready to make your mark on it. This is the home you love, the home you’re going to stay in, and you’re ready to make it the best it can be. Whether you’re interested in a total transformation or are just looking to upgrade the comfort and quality, replacement windows should fit the look you’re going for. Homeowners that are particular about the appearance of their windows should look into purchasing custom-designed windows. Custom designed means there is no “standard” window, there is only your window, ensuring you get the exact look you want.

Built to Last

People say they don’t make things like they used to. Andersen Windows, the first company to sell completely assembled windows, was founded in 1903. More than 100 years later, the industry has been shaped by technology, and windows today are far more advanced than they were. Framing material and glass options have improved and windows have become more energy efficient and better quality than ever.

When you’re ready to replace the windows and doors in your home, keep in mind “you get what you pay for” tends to be especially true in this industry. Look for a company with a good reputation to both manufacture and install the products, and be wary of companies that make promises that seem too good to be true, including windows sold with a “Lifetime Warranty”. Unless otherwise specified, lifetime warranties in Wisconsin legally only last for seven years. Remember, quality comes with a price and bad quality can come with an even higher price down the road.

Overall Performance

While windows may just seem like a picture frame for the beautiful view outside, they are actually an important component to the overall energy efficiency and comfort of your home. Have you ever been too hot or cold when sitting near a window? Have you noticed fading carpet or flooring? Do you have to hang plastic over your windows? These are signs of inefficient windows. Season and weather conditions outside should not affect the comfort and environment inside. While some window companies focus on how many panes of glass they have or on particular ratings, a good replacement window will focus on whole window performance. While individual components contribute to energy efficiency, it is whole window performance that is most important. Glass, framing material, and installation technique are all crucial to the overall performance of your window.

Next Step

If you’re interested in learning more about replacing the windows and doors in your home, give us a call. With more than 40 years of local home improvement expertise backed by more than 100 years of window innovations, we have the skills and experience to tackle any window replacement project. We offer free, in-home consultations to find a custom-designed solution for your window and doors needs. For more information about our monthly specials, financing options, or to schedule your consultation, give us a call at 920-759-1234.

Source: U.S. Census Bureau and U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, 2011 American Housing Survey


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