The History of Andersen Corporation

October 27, 2015


1900Renewal by Andersen has only been around for the past 20 years, but Andersen Corporation has been around for more than a century.  Founded by Danish immigrant Hans Andersen, today Andersen Corporation is an international enterprise employing more than 9,000 people in more than 20 locations, with headquarters in Bayport, Minnesota.  Take a look at the extensive history of the Andersen Corporation:

 The Beginning

In 1903 Hans Andersen filed incorporation papers, starting what is today known as the Andersen Corporation.  Two years later, Andersen transformed the industry by standardizing window sizes and packaging them into separate horizontal and vertical pairs. These units could be assembled on the job as little as 10 minutes and offered builders consistent, accurate construction at a low cost.

Early 1900s

In 1913, Andersen Corporation had no more room for expansion in the Hudson plant and had to build a new factory in South Stillwater (now Bayport), Minnesota.

As one of the pioneer companies of the employee rights movement, Andersen created one of the first employee profit-sharing programs in 1914 and in 1923 was the first in the industry to offer two weeks paid vacation to all 295 employees.


In 1932 the Andersen® master casement window becomes the first completely assembled with unit in the industry. This has become the standard practice in the windows industry. By bringing assembly in-house, Andersen was able to save time for builders and better control the quality of products. When American joined World War II Andersen changed the design of its windows to produce the Victory window in 1941. These units used 97% less metal by weight allowing more material to be used to support the war effort. By the 1950s Andersen had reinvented the window industry again, this time by fitting its windows with a first-of-its-kind insulated glass. This technology is still used today to provide protection against condensation and frost.

Late 1900s

The energy crisis of the 1970s led Andersen to focus on creating a window that was both beautiful and energy efficient. By the late 1970s, Andersen was investing in research and development with what would later become low e-coatings, now a standard feature of modern windows. In 1991 Andersen develops Fibrex® material, a revolutionary composite made of wood fiber reclaimed from Andersen manufacturing operations and a special thermoplastic polymer, some of which is also reclaimed. Among its features are resistance to rotting, excellent insulation and low thermal expansion in extreme temperatures. Renewal by Andersen is founded in 1995. The subsidiary offers a fresh approach to window replacement by serving “do-it-for-me” homeowners who want simple, reliable solutions for replacing old windows with low-maintenance, energy-efficient, custom-made windows.


In 2000, Andersen Corporation opened a new manufacturing facility in Menomonie, Wisconsin. As a celebration of being in business for 100 years, Andersen launched its 100 Years/100 Homes project in partnership2000-20051 with Habitat for Humanity® in 2003. With this project, Andersen pledged to build 100 homes over a five-year span.


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